It is just a cleaning cloth, but it is a cleaning cloth – an acrylic cleaning cloth applicable to other knitting products

The acrylic cleaning cloth is popular to make, and also to sell for all beginners to professionals of knitting. I have seen a lot of the cleaning cloth with colorful and pop design.
It made me to make some of them.

These are made with an acrylic yarn bought at 100 yen shop (a dollar shop), and used five knitting needles. It could catch dust very well with the net design.

The is just I made as the way I wanted. It looks a motif.

“This is just a cleaning cloth, but it is a cleaning cloth.” These are not recognized as new items anymore today. However, the method to make the one can be applicable to other knitting products such as shopping bag if it is made much bigger, probably arm cover if it is made with thin cotton yarn, or bottle cover as well. So if you make one, you could be able to imagine more different products that I believe.

I would use them to clean a sink in the kitchen and a powder room, to clean glasses, or polish shoes.

It is too easy to make! that I believed until I make these yesterday, so, I had not even try to make one.
One day, my mother gave a book that shows “how to make the cleaning cloth”, and I just followed the recipe. It was hard to make, not as I expected. So, I just concentrated to make some of them. After a while, I just referred the some points from the book, and I decided to make them the way I am comfortable.

This is a picture I made from my method. I would be happy if you can refer the recipe. The YouTube vide will be available soon.